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Newest Lessons

The Trip To Bethlehem: Peace

Peace can start with just one person and then it can spread around. It always comes back to the sender bringing blessings with it. That is why people that choose to follow peace are blessed to receive it back in many different ways. Peace is an aspect of our innate nature of goodness. You are a good person and you have the potential for greatness. Join us this Sunday as we discuss the value of peace in a chaotic world.…

The Trip To Bethlehem

Cofounder Charles Fillmore spoke of Unity and Advent in a January 24, 1923, radio broadcast called “Christ Mind, the Second Coming of Christ.” He shared his thoughts on his understanding that “Christ is an idea in divine mind,” and highlighted the universality of the Christ, the divine essence that dwells in every human being. Fillmore said people with preconceived, human notions of the “second coming” are bound to be disillusioned. “They are simply looking in the wrong place to discover…

Inspirational Musings

Signs That The Universe Wants Your Attention

I want to share with you some of the signs that say the universe may be trying to get your attention. If we pay attention to what is, we can use whatever happens, as a stepping-stone to a more peaceful and prosperous life. Sudden Unexpected Change: Have you ever been going about your life and then all of a sudden something changes? How you deal with the change will determinethe outcome. By remaining calm and allowing for the change you…
rocky mountain top against a star filled sky

Centering Meditation

Let’s take this moment to relax and find our center Notice your breath as it goes in and out Let the mind be still and the body will relax on its own Release any thoughts of anxiety and tension Use this moment to become present and aware of the spirit within Be at peace with whatever arises for you are more than a physical body you are a spiritual being made of the energy of light If you know of…