Awakening To The Christ Within

Awakening To The Christ Within

The process of awakening the Christ within is an evolutionary process that begins with a desire to experience something deeper, more meaningful and new.  We evolve from believing in who we are to becoming fully aware of ourselves as what we are – Spirit – and then choosing, in every moment, to express that in our lives.  We live a life centered in and from, or maybe more accurately, AS  Divine Mind.  This is a process and does not happen overnight. 

In every moment I have the ability to see erroneous thinking, or unconscious behavior, and make a new commitment to fully express my Christ nature and am, therefore, “born again”. 

One  example I have is when I was working with issues of anger.  Every time I would get angry I would recognize it, look at it to see what it was about, what triggered it, etc., and then re-commit to respond from my Christ nature the next time and not react from my ego. 

I began working with this issue probably 25 years ago and still continue the practice.  Fortunately, what started out as a re-commitment about 100 times a day has become much fewer and farer between.  But, I use the same practice with lots of other ego-centered behavior.  

I also work on non-resistance and the practice has helped me so much over the years.  I know that what I resist persists and any discomfort that I am experiencing is not about another person or a situation but what I’m making it about within myself.  When I make peace with whatever it is that is being reflected to me then it shows up a lot less.

When we begin to shift our thinking and focus on what we really want then our world begins to shift to accommodate that dream and it can be scary and look chaotic; it’s what’s known as chemicalization. Our immediate response is to go back to our “default” thinking because that is safe and what we know.

As an example, years ago I began working with the idea of the life I wanted to create, and some things in my work environment began to shift. Suddenly, work that I had been doing was being re-directed to someone else and certain things were being “taken off my plate”  and the mind chatter started – you know what I’m talking about! “Oh, you’re not doing a good job”, “Oh, they’re probably going to fire you”, “Blah, blah, blah…”;

…and then the lightbulb went off and I realized that doing those things was not in line with what I really wanted to do and the universe was re-arranging things to fit my new vision and it was a good thing!  I was able to see what was really happening and step into non-resistance and let go and accept the process.  

The journey of awakening the Christ within requires us to operate consciously, moving from victim thinking to Christ consciousness, and to recognize our Oneness.  We move from victim to Christ consciousness by being non-resistant, crucifying our old ways and patterns of thinking, rising to a higher state, and a higher way of operating. Enjoy the journey!