Baby Stepping Into New Thinking

Baby Stepping Into New Thinking

Let’s take a metaphysical look at an Old Testament story to give us some thoughts about taking on new ways of thinking!

At the start of Genesis 19:17-23 Lot is bargaining with God. He has been told to flee Sodom and Gomorrah because it is going to be destroyed. God has directed him to “escape to the mountains, lest you be destroyed.” Lot reasons back that he cannot make it to the mountain lest some evil overtake him, and could he instead flee to a nearby little city. God allows him to do this. When Lot enters this city, called Zoar, God then rains brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah and they are destroyed. The whole story of Sodom and Gomorrah is fascinating, metaphysically. These few short verses, however, speak to me of a couple of things. First, it seems that whatever I am asked of God to do, I can be prone to falling into a situation of bargaining. If it is not direct bargaining, then it is me doubting myself and my intuition. “Well, how can I be sure?” “Could I have a sign, God?” Earlier in this same story Abraham bargained with God for the city to be saved if a certain number of righteous men could be found. We find ourselves sometimes pleading to hang on to our old habits, saying “surely there is some good in this and I don’t need to let this go.” But I believe the further, deeper meaning of this series of verses is that we are being asked to “flee to the mountains”, or raise our consciousness. Let go of all habitual thoughts and error beliefs that are keeping us bound and step fully into who we are meant to be. But sometimes we have to “flee to a small city”, or make an adjustment in our thinking that is like taking a baby-step. Could this be descriptive of chemicalization?

Whenever I am trying to introduce a new idea or belief into my consciousness, there is push back from the belief system that already has hold there. Our error thinking is being introduced to higher ways of thinking and there is a period of, sometimes external, “strange experiences” until our new beliefs settle in and destroy, or transmute, our error thoughts. The outer begins to rearrange itself to get in alignment with the new thinking and it can temporarily look like chaos, thus look and feel scary.

The ultimate destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is a purifying process. It makes us ready for the Truth of our Being. This is the elimination of our error thinking. Being in a place of chemicalization is uncomfortable and it can make us feel like “some evil is overtaking me and I’m going to die.” It’s that internal struggle of the ego mind. Perhaps the new belief or consciousness we are being asked to take on is too much, so we take what we can absorb, “a little city nearby”. When we have arrived in this new way of thinking and believing, then the old thoughts and beliefs are laid to waste and burnt up – purified. The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary says that Zoar means “smallness.” We step into a small part of the bigger unfolding of ourselves and let go of the old thoughts that are no longer serving us and embrace the new thought(s).


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