Rev James

Rev James

Signs That The Universe Wants Your Attention

I want to share with you some of the signs that say the universe may be trying to get your attention. If we pay attention to what is, we can use whatever happens, as a stepping-stone to a more peaceful and prosperous life. Sudden Unexpected Change: Have you ever been going about your life and then all of a sudden something changes? How you deal with the change will determinethe outcome. By remaining calm and allowing for the change you…
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Centering Meditation

Let’s take this moment to relax and find our center Notice your breath as it goes in and out Let the mind be still and the body will relax on its own Release any thoughts of anxiety and tension Use this moment to become present and aware of the spirit within Be at peace with whatever arises for you are more than a physical body you are a spiritual being made of the energy of light If you know of…
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The Cosmic Joke

Have you heard about the cosmic joke? Nothing lasts for very long and everything is temporary. What is up one day is down the next. What is all the rage today will be sold in the garage sale of tomorrow. The supermodel that graces the front pages of Vanity Fair will eventually get hungry and begin eating again.   After that she will get a facelift to try and recapture the beauty of her youth and then appear on a rerun…