Centering Meditation

Centering Meditation

Let’s take this moment to relax and find our center

Notice your breath as it goes in and out

Let the mind be still and the body will relax on its own

Release any thoughts of anxiety and tension

Use this moment to become present and aware of the spirit within

Be at peace with whatever arises for you are more than a physical body you are a spiritual being made of the energy of light

If you know of someone that needs prayer please say their names aloud at this time.

Hold good and positive thoughts on their behalf.  We affirm the highest good for them now.  We affirm prosperity, peace and all good things.

Finally we hold the space for our world and all of the people around the world.

Let there be peace and healing – Let there be joy and happiness

May each person find their true center and align with all of the creation to bring forth the manifestation of a world that works for all.  In the name of the Christ Presence and all that is sacred.

So be it..


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