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April 2024

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Apr 11, 2024

Unity Yoga Class

Unity Yoga Classes invites you to connect life-affirming themes with the physical movements of the body. Hatha Vinyasa yoga is a combination of dynamic movements through breath, static poses, pranayama (conscious breathing), meditation and relaxation. This yoga is beneficial to the body and also nourishes the soul with its uplifting themes, which are carefully crafted into each sequence to further endorse the union between a healthy postured body and nurturing our inner selves. These classes are suitable for those new…
Apr 11, 2024

Prayer For Life

Prayer for Life, taught by Lisa Munoz, Licensed Unity Teacher.  This class will explore Affirmative Prayer, how it is different than other forms of prayer, and how we can use it to transform our consciousness, deepen our prayer life, and pray confidently with others.  We will practice skills for crafting prayers and reflect on Jesus’ teachings and examples for a prayerful life. The required book will be:  Adventures in Prayer:  Praying Your Way to a God You Can Trust, by…
Apr 12, 2024

A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles is a modern-day expression of the demonstrations and teachings of Jesus, focusing on letting go of the thoughts and pictures in our minds that cause us to suffer.  We meet to read and discuss. You’re welcome to jump in at any time! Facilitated by Jo Marshall and Chaun Mitchell
Apr 13, 2024

Spirit Group: Painting Class

Painting ClassThis class is open to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced painters. The course will delve into still life, figurative, and landscape painting, focusing on the fundamentals of composition, dimension, and color. We will use Gouauche, an opaque water-based medium, or you are welcome to bring your own water-based paint. To get you started, Gouache, paper, and brushes will be provided; however, as you progress, you may need to buy some of these inexpensive art supplies.…
Apr 16, 2024


Join us every Tuesday morning to relax and gain clarity for your day with this 60-minute group meditation which includes gratitude sharing. Facilitated by Rev James King.
Apr 17, 2024

Spirit Group: The I Of The Storm

The I Of The Storm Discussion GroupTo inform our conversation, we will be watching a brief weekly video based on Gary Simons’ book, The I of the Storm. Throughout the video series, we will examine how facing conflicts, rather than avoiding them, can lead us to a more spiritual acceptance. Simons incorporates spiritual principles, biblical quotes, martial arts philosophy, and concepts from modern science, particularly quantum theory, to achieve inner peace in our daily lives.Hosts: Debbie and Phil PriceDate: WednesdaysTime: 6:30-8:00 pmPlace:…
Apr 18, 2024

Spirit Group: Nature Walks & Talks

Nature Walks and TalksThe Spirit of plants, trees, and waterfalls holds a beautiful vibration filled with healing energy and unconditional love. Join us for nature walks and new ways to explore the beautiful outdoors in the Greenville area.  Hosts: Ed and KyeDay: ThursdaysTime: 10:00-12:00Meeting: We will meet at different trailheads each week
Apr 27, 2024
open palms with light coming from them against a blue background

Introduction To Healing Ministry

Introduction to Healing Ministry helps connect energy healing with faith and our history of healing in Christianity. Join us for a full day of storytelling, meditation, and learning to lay on hands as practiced by the early Christians. This program is specifically created for Unity of Greenville. All healing comes from God, and we are instruments of God’s healing energy in the world. Jesus and the early Church did hands-on-healing and two thousand years later, we are still meant to…
Apr 28, 2024

Women For Unity

Women for Unity is a group that is open to all women of Unity Church of Greenville. The intention of the women’s group is to provide an opportunity for women to develop friendships, grow spiritually together and focus on positive spiritual principles as part of life.  Meetings will be held monthly, at the church, on the fourth Sunday following the Sunday service. The monthly program will include Unity lessons, outreach opportunities in the community, outreach opportunities within the church body,…
Apr 28, 2024

“Supersonic Sunday”- Sonic Energy Tour with Jeff Holland

 “Supersonic Sunday”- Sonic Energy Tour with Jeff Holland, is a sound journey to find healing frequencies and explore how to tune in better to what works best for you.You’re welcome to just enjoy the beautiful vibrations that Jeff produces from handpans, gongs, singing bowls, and special instruments he’s collected from around the world. For the finale, stay for the interactive Q&A as we create a sonic orchestra together using specially selected instruments to send a positive sound message into the…