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Events Calendar


May 17, 2024

A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles is a modern-day expression of the demonstrations and teachings of Jesus, focusing on letting go of the thoughts and pictures in our minds that cause us to suffer.  We meet to read and discuss. You’re welcome to jump in at any time! Facilitated by Jo Marshall and Chaun Mitchell
May 23, 2024

Unity Yoga Class

Unity Yoga Classes invites you to connect life-affirming themes with the physical movements of the body. Hatha Vinyasa yoga is a combination of dynamic movements through breath, static poses, pranayama (conscious breathing), meditation and relaxation. This yoga is beneficial to the body and also nourishes the soul with its uplifting themes, which are carefully crafted into each sequence to further endorse the union between a healthy postured body and nurturing our inner selves. These classes are suitable for those new…
May 25, 2024

Essential Oils In The Ancient Scriptures

The Disciples of Jesus were sent out in ministry to anoint and heal. This one-day program on Essential Oils Found in the Ancient Scriptures explores anointing first in the Judeo-Christian story and how it was lost throughout history. Sixteen essential oils traditionally used at the time of Christ are introduced for spiritual and physical healing. Fifteen essential oils not mentioned in the Bible but used in other sacred texts worldwide are also discussed for their ability to heal various maladies. Anointing…