Holding Space For Others

Holding Space For Others

Holding Space For Others

The definition of holding space is to be present with someone, without judgment.  It means giving your ears and heart without wanting anything in return.

It is the practice of empathy and compassion. It is an act of allowing everything to be as it is. 

I accept another persons right to their truth, no matter what it may be, and set aside my needs and opinions for the moment.  I cannot change anybody because it is an inside job.

Holding space is not always easy, but it is a simple process of letting everything else go except for the present moment.  This is a spiritual practice that allows for people to make another choice or go in a different direction, if need be.

Our ego personalities can get in the way with it’s constant judging and blaming.  It can often be a stumbling block to authenticity.

When you hold space you create a void for something new to emerge.  If allowed, Spirit can flow through and create healing and balance.

When your mind enters stillness you return to a state of ease and flow.  This is the power of meditation and holding space.

With traumatic world events happening everyday, there is much upset and frustration.

Many are experiencing anger, grief, loss, depression, and hopelessness.  People are feeling unsafe and unheard.  We are here to create a safe space for others to find their inner wholeness and innocence.

Use these affirmations when you need to hold space for others or even sometimes for yourself.

  • I hear you and I accept you as you are in this moment.  I give you space to return home to your true self. 
  • I will not judge or shame you.  I allow you time and space to grow and evolve.
  • I release and let go of opinions and beliefs and let this moment become whatever it needs to be.
  • Everyone deserves love and kindness.  In this moment, I radiate divine love and acceptance to all.
  • I see you as a child of God with unlimited potential.  Now, anything can happen.

“Come to the quiet, come to the peace, let in the healing and feel the release.”