Lessons on Meditation

Lessons on Meditation

The Listening Mind

We are powerful co-creators when we use our intent and focus.  To be able to concentrate on one thing at a time is a valuable skill. We learn this process over time and there is no need to rush it or to become anxious about meditation.  It is a gradual release from obsessive worry and fear.   It is letting go of the negative persona and forgiving (untying of the mind) rather than holding onto judgment, anger and fear.   Some people…

The Sacred Breath

In the beginning, Divinity breathed into humanity the sacred breath. Without this breath, we cannot live on the earth. It is one of the four elements that make up this world of form, fire, water, earth and air. The air you breathe is sacred and can be used deliberately.  Most people never really think about their breath until they have a problem with it, and then it becomes the main focus of their attention. What does it feel like to breathe consciously? Does your breath control how you feel? How…

Global Peace Meditation

Buffalo Drum/Shaker/Native Flute-North America  Samba Bateria/Cajon-South America Djembe/Talking Drums-Africa  Gongs-Asia  Snare Drum/Orchestral Percussion- Europe  Didgeridoo/Clapping Sticks-Australia Crystal Bowl-Antarctica  Ocean drum-One prayer for one ocean.