Lessons on Peace

Lessons on Peace

Lessons From Mother Goose

It is good to remember that the Earth is our home, and we were meant to be caretakers of this awesome planet together. Rev. Karen Patrick shares her experience of Mother Goose’s teachings through the lens of the creation story found in Genesis 1:26.

Advent: Peace

In A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens shows us the life of a broken and bitter man and his transformational journey to peace of mind. This is a metaphysical story with many life lessons and truths to glean from it. Scrooge represents the worst of how low we can sink when we give up on life. We see what happens when fear and regret take hold. There is a little Scrooge in all of us. There is also great possibility and…

Dealing With Strange Times

We are living in strange times for sure. People are not acting like they are supposed to. People are working harder and complaining more. There is something called the crisis point. It comes to all of us at one time or another. What is its purpose? What does it mean when we seemingly go from one challenge to another? Is there something wrong with me?   Strange times, in this case, means that something wants to change. Life is wanting us to transform in some new way. The old ways…

Global Peace Meditation

Buffalo Drum/Shaker/Native Flute-North America  Samba Bateria/Cajon-South America Djembe/Talking Drums-Africa  Gongs-Asia  Snare Drum/Orchestral Percussion- Europe  Didgeridoo/Clapping Sticks-Australia Crystal Bowl-Antarctica  Ocean drum-One prayer for one ocean.

The Trip To Bethlehem: Peace

Peace can start with just one person and then it can spread around. It always comes back to the sender bringing blessings with it. That is why people that choose to follow peace are blessed to receive it back in many different ways. Peace is an aspect of our innate nature of goodness. You are a good person and you have the potential for greatness. Join us this Sunday as we discuss the value of peace in a chaotic world.…