Lessons from December 2022

Lessons from December 2022

The Trip To Bethlehem: Joy!

Joy to the world! The birth of Christ Consciousness is once again happening in our midst. A woman will experience 9 months of changes in the emotional and physical body, until finally she is ready to give birth. Have you noticed how many changes take place in, and on, your spiritual journey to higher consciousness?! We have walked through the progression of hope, faith, peace, and love. It is time to embrace the fullness of joy. We discuss divine timing,…

The Trip To Bethlehem: Love

Divine love is the mystery of life and is beyond explanation and transcends the physical. This love is so vast that we may spend a lifetime trying to understand it. Everyone is seeking it in some way, shape or form. You exist to channel love. That is your primary purpose. Even if you try to hide from it – love will find you! No mater how you mess up in life – love is always there in the background waiting…

Global Peace Meditation

Buffalo Drum/Shaker/Native Flute-North America  Samba Bateria/Cajon-South America Djembe/Talking Drums-Africa  Gongs-Asia  Snare Drum/Orchestral Percussion- Europe  Didgeridoo/Clapping Sticks-Australia Crystal Bowl-Antarctica  Ocean drum-One prayer for one ocean.

The Trip To Bethlehem: Peace

Peace can start with just one person and then it can spread around. It always comes back to the sender bringing blessings with it. That is why people that choose to follow peace are blessed to receive it back in many different ways. Peace is an aspect of our innate nature of goodness. You are a good person and you have the potential for greatness. Join us this Sunday as we discuss the value of peace in a chaotic world.…