Lessons from April 2023

Lessons from April 2023

Celebrating The Natural Self

There is something truly calming and peaceful about being in nature and appreciating its beauty. It is hard to look at a blooming new flower, growing fruit on a tree, or birds in their nest and not see the divinity that is there. It is so comforting to recall all of the ways that the creation provides for us.  From the smallest detail of an oak leaf, to the countless stars in the sky, all of nature was created to reveal…

Q & A Sunday

We opened it up for your questions and here is what was asked: Using UCG’s Mission Statement as your own personal mission statement:“I am a haven of peace where everyone is loved and empowered through my practice of positive and practical spirituality in order that I may help heal the illusion of separation.”

Celebrating Resurrection!

The word resurrection means to stand up right again.  The seed of resurrection has been planted in every one of us.  Just like the spring flowers rise again after a long winters nap, so also does humanity awaken from it’s slumbering.   The life of Jesus is reflective of the journey of humankind.  Even in death, Jesus taught us that life goes on and never ends.

Celebrating The New Humanity

Charles Fillmore taught us that the Bible is the story of humanity’s journey. The Hebrew Bible is the story of the up and down journey of human beings, rising and falling, loving and forgiving, remembering and forgetting. This epic journey has been long over thousands of years, maybe longer. What is the end game? What is the point? What is the plan? This Palm Sunday lesson explores these questions.