Lessons from November 2023

Lessons from November 2023

Truth, Lies & The Power of Release

True power is love, kindness, and sharing your life with others.  We are all infinite beings that deserve to be loved and appreciated.  We were meant to be the vessels of joy and happiness.  This is the promise of spiritual empowerment and enlightened living. We will remember our well-being when we understand the Truth that lives at our core.  Some lies need to be addressed to make room for this good life.  Your body already knows the difference between Truth…

Armand & Angelina

Speakers and performing artists, Armand and Angelina offer a morning of music, message and mirth to create a once in a lifetime experience of love, laughter and music. Gifted with an angelic and heart-opening voice, Angelina draws from many languages. Armand’s brilliant talks and compositions, powerful vocals and engaging presence inspires us to love life passionately.

Communion: The Power of Release

Communion: The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings. This exchange can be on a mental, emotional, or spiritual level.  Communion is a moment of grace and inner reflection. The ancient ritual of drinking wine and eating bread can be a beautiful way to remember our divine connection.   We discover more freedom and understanding by feeding on the words of life and drinking in the teachings of truth.  We also gain clarity about our true identity. Our blood contains divine DNA…

Let’s Get Grounded

Have you heard the term grounded? What does it mean to be grounded? And how can we experience being grounded in our lives? Being spiritually grounded is an essential part of life.  Being grounded is having a strong connection with the Earth. Humans are made of energy, so naturally, the energy will flow and sometimes get stuck. An example of this can be zoning out when someone is talking to you or not paying attention when slicing a tomato and…