Lessons from February 2024

Lessons from February 2024

Letting Go OF Pain, Part 2

Last week we began discussing the power of strength and how to clear painful energy.  We continue this important topic in order to ground it within ourselves.  Being present with your emotional pain is the fastest and most direct way to deal with it.  We want to unify and integrate all negative energy so that it can be used as fuel to accomplish good for our lives. Instead of being controlled by emotional pain we can acknowledge it and discern…

Letting Go Of Pain

During the annual season of Lent, many people have observed prayer, and releasing of their bad habits since the first century. The idea is to give up something or release it to the Divine and do it consistently for forty days. These 40 days (plus six Sundays) begin on Ash Wednesday and end on Easter Sunday. The season of Lent begins on February 14th and ends on March 28th, in 2024. Is there something you would like to see change…

Amy Steinberg

Watch Amy as she shares a beautiful message through stories and songs.  We are very fortunate that Amy was able to adjust her schedule so she could be with us this Sunday. We are excited about the unique energy and ministry of Amy Steinberg!

Principle Five

Knowing and understanding the laws of life – also called Truth – is not enough. A person must live the Truth that he or she knows. Principle Five Action and service is the way we demonstrate our beliefs. Through thoughts, words and actions, we live in the truth we know. Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not enough. We live and demonstrate them through our actions.