Lessons from April 2024

Lessons from April 2024

To See, Or Not To See

Intercession Or Interference? Interference is when we get in the way of another person’s growth process. Especially when not invited. To butt in and try to control others or their circumstances is manipulation. Have you ever tried to help someone and ended up making it worse? How do we help others to make positive changes in their lives?  Are we interfering with their free will if we do?  Spiritual Intercession is acting on behalf of another person from an inner level.  We are lightworkers here to…

Lessons From Mother Goose

It is good to remember that the Earth is our home, and we were meant to be caretakers of this awesome planet together. Rev. Karen Patrick shares her experience of Mother Goose’s teachings through the lens of the creation story found in Genesis 1:26.

Learning To Fly

In Egypt, an ancient visual concept of the cosmos was envisioned as these enormous wings attached to the disk of the Sun. The wings represent Love and truth, the balance of the opposites. Charles Fillmore was attracted to the symbol of the Egyptian wings, and he adapted them to the Unity movement.  This life will never be without occasional storms. You want to build a shelter within yourself so that when a storm comes, you are safe. All birds know how to find shelter during a…


Have you heard, the end is near?  For thousands of years prophets and seers have been predicting the end of the world.  In truth there have been many endings and lots of new beginnings too.  The concept of the world is made up of a system of beliefs, thoughts and attitudes and it is constantly changing.  The prophets of old have also predicted a time on earth that all of nature and all of humanity will come together in peace…