Everything Is Holy Now

Everything Is Holy Now

We live in an interconnected universe. Physicists have shown that the observer and the observed interact and that energy and matter interchange.

Albert Einstein believed that we live in a friendly, supportive, interactive universe. Everything changes, but nothing ever really dies.

Jesus presented a very clear image of this loving and responsive universe for us to consider.

There was a time when we thought only certain things or specific people were holy. Our Unity understanding reveals that everything is holy now.

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye…. we shall be changed.”

1 Cor 15:52

You are God’s child; God’s love surrounds you and cares for you; God’s Life is yours. In the light of the Great Reality I see you perfect, free from the delusion of sin, sickness, death. I see you whole with God’s Wholeness; I rejoice to speak this word for you; it is the Father that speaks in me. The word of God is powerful to bless.”  

Nona Brooks