Let’s Get Grounded

Let’s Get Grounded

Have you heard the term grounded? What does it mean to be grounded? And how can we experience being grounded in our lives?

Being spiritually grounded is an essential part of life.  Being grounded is having a strong connection with the Earth. Humans are made of energy, so naturally, the energy will flow and sometimes get stuck. An example of this can be zoning out when someone is talking to you or not paying attention when slicing a tomato and cutting your hand instead. Ouch!

Spiritual grounding is being fully present in the here and now. It is not constantly worrying about the future or excessively focusing on the past.  Whatever takes you out of the present moment leads to being ungrounded. Many people run on autopilot these days, and grounding is getting your attention out of your head and mind and fully into your body. Grounding is a great tool to help those who spend much time on the computer.  It can calm the thinking mind and unruly emotions, too. Grounding your spiritual experiences, feelings, and thoughts allows you to develop a sense of personal presence. If you have great ideas, goals, and dreams but are not grounded, you will find it difficult to be coherent.

Staying grounded is key to personal power and living your dreams. How do you know if you are not grounded?  You will feel tired, lightheaded, disconnected, irritable, fearful, and anxious.  Let’s release these feelings of negativity and get grounded!

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

J.R. Rim

“A person’s bodily condition depends on his state of mind. No two persons the same age are in the same bodily condition. This shows that years do not make one young or old.” 

Charles Fillmore

“What we need to do is to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive. In doing this, we gradually acquire the habit of affirmative thinking.”

Ernest Holmes