Letting Go OF Pain, Part 2

Letting Go OF Pain, Part 2

Last week we began discussing the power of strength and how to clear painful energy.  We continue this important topic in order to ground it within ourselves.  Being present with your emotional pain is the fastest and most direct way to deal with it.  We want to unify and integrate all negative energy so that it can be used as fuel to accomplish good for our lives.

Instead of being controlled by emotional pain we can acknowledge it and discern the message it has for us.  Yes, it takes time and patience to practice being with it, but what else is more important than healing your pain?  

“When unity was attained of old, heaven became clear by attaining unity,
earth became steady by attaining unity, spirit was quickened by attaining unity,
valley streams quickened by attaining unity, all beings were born filled by attaining unity;
and by attaining unity lords acted rightly for the sake of the world.”

Tao Te Ching

“Those who know me as their own divine Self break through the belief that they are the body and are not reborn as separate creatures. Such a one, Arjuna, is united with me. Delivered from selfish attachment, fear, and anger, filled with me, surrendering themselves to me, purified in the fire of my being, many have reached the state of unity with me.” (4:9-10)

Bhagavad Gita