Nuts & Bolts of Abundant, Prosperous Living: Part 2

Nuts & Bolts of Abundant, Prosperous Living: Part 2

By your thinking, you are either adding to your good or you are taking away from it.”

– Eric Butterworth

Do you have hidden subconscious beliefs that keep you from experiencing your best life? Most of us grew up with faulty thinking about wealth, health, and a variety of beliefs that lead to frustration and instability.

In this talk, we focus on the “gremlins” that haunt us and keep us stuck in unhealthy thinking. We will help you identify these faulty beliefs and exchange them for something that is vibrationally more in alignment with the Truth!

“It is an important moment in your life when you discover for yourself the great Truth that things may happen around you, and things may happen to you, but the only things that really count are the things that happen IN you.”

– Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

“Our beliefs, all of them, are nothing more than automated decisions, freeing us up from having to think about every detail of our lives, all the time.  They are like software programs we’ve installed to help us function in this physical reality.  Our limiting beliefs are simply outdated programs – software that once serve us well, but no longer does.  And just as software can be uninstalled and replaced, so can our beliefs.”

– Melody Fletcher, Deliberate Receiving

“The important Truth is:  You are a spiritual being with the Allness of Infinite Mind within you.  Whatever your needs may be, the answer is not to get God to give you more through some divine sleight-of-hand process, but rather to uncover and release your own “imprisoned splendor”.  Avoid the temptation to try to “work the law” and thus to materialize the process.  Get your mind off the idea of making a demonstration in life.  Center your awareness on a deeper sense of life, and the demonstration will begin to make you.”

– Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

The work for this week:

  • Continue to work on giving up excuses, blaming and complaining.
  • List everything that happens in your day that causes you to go to a negative emotion.  This will begin to give you an idea of what triggers you.
  • When a negative feeling strikes this week, thank it for alerting you to a faulty thought, which came from a faulty belief.  You now have the opportunity to identify and work on replacing it.  Let any fear, worry or doubt have a voice and then use it to your advantage to root it out!

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