Quantum Manifestation

Quantum Manifestation

When we can stay centered in a state of grace and receptivity, life will bring us everything we need; and yet there are times when we are called upon to ask for what we want. We will grow and become more confident by demonstrating our belief and positive trust. 

In this lesson, we share some steps to the manifestation process and the potential blocks that can keep us from our good. As our connection point, we use a purple-colored box to represent the Quantum realm. This way, we can see what happens when we use our powerful imagination, creativity, and belief.

“Faith is the complete reliance on the power and goodness of Spirit and the firm belief that you are always connected to this goodness. Always affirm your faith and not your doubt.”  

~ Wayne Dyer
  1. Write a prayer script to describe what you want in the present tense – I have it now! Can also include pictures or anything that represents what you desire.
  2. Play with the energy of it and envision it, use your senses and your imagination.
  3. How would you feel to live in the reality that you desire?
  4. In this knowing state offer gratitude.
  5. Place your new belief in the box and affirm – “so it is according to my highest good!”
  6. Forget about it!
  7. Have ZERO insistence about HOW it should manifest.
  8. Allow the Universe to do the work! Do not dwell on it unless you are offering gratitude. The mind can easily fall into old patterns of thinking if you dwell on it too much – emotionally detach from the outcome!!
  9. Don’t discuss it with anyone… Don’t allow someone else’s opinion to influence you. Simply know that it is in the realm of potentiality and becoming.
  10. Let go of needy, greedy, cheated feelings. Keep your energy positive and neutral.
  11. Getting what you want has NO bearing on your goodness! You are loved and the Divine wants YOU to be happy! “Cruel” people can create wealth – but there is no joy in it.
  12. From time to time you can hold the box in your imagination while feeling grateful or meditating to surround it in positive energy. What if it does not happen?

● Is what you asked for relevant to your life? Is it in your vibratory frequency?
● Does it match your purpose?
● Do you have an energetic block?

  1. Shame – a poisonous feeling of unworthiness. Healing comes through self-forgiveness and releasing the energy residue of the person that shamed you. Love yourself by treating yourself with respect!
  2. Abandonment – Who left you? Love yourself by honoring your feelings and convince yourself that their leaving had nothing to do with you! It was their baggage…
  3. Betrayal – Who betrayed you? Same as above – it was not really about you. It was their pattern NOT yours.