The Power of Order: Love, Connection & Purpose

The Power of Order: Love, Connection & Purpose

There are many things that we want and need in our lives. The first and most important of all is to find and engage in the practice of love. When you see people floundering, they have not yet committed to a life of love. When you find love, you discover purpose and connection. It is a complete package. Love works from a higher order and is naturally harmonious. Without love, we are not in harmony and alignment with the world.

Each of us has gifts that we have been given to develop and use. In this lesson, we discuss how to flow with the power of order and engage our spiritual gifts. Once you understand that life is love and service, then your gift will activate so you can fulfill your highest purpose.

“Every living thing and every situation is in divine order! Believe and have faith that everything is where it is at and should be! Everything happens for our highest good!” 

Angie Karan

“Let the world unfold without always attempting to figure it all out. Let relationships just be, since everything is going to stretch out in Divine order. Don’t try so hard to make something work – simply allow. Don’t always toil at trying to understand your mate, your children, your parents, your boss, or anyone else because the Tao is working at all times.”

Wayne Dyer