The Power Of Order

The Power Of Order

There is an organizing power in the Universe that knows how to put it all together so that life works for our benefit.  We have a choice everyday to work with what is happening or to resist it.  Your choice.  Each one of us possesses this power of order inside our being.  We can access it whenever we need it.

If life is out of balance then it can get hard.  It may be a sign that we are ignoring the ‘mess’ and trying to sweep it under the rug.  The thing about that is that after a while the pile grows and keeps getting bigger until we deal with it.

It is time to wake up this power of order within ourselves and use it to create balance, beauty and harmony.

The Divine idea of order is the idea of adjustment, and as this is established in our thoughts, our mind and affairs will be at one with universal harmony.

Charles Fillmore