The Trip To Bethlehem: Faith

The Trip To Bethlehem: Faith

Cofounder Charles Fillmore spoke of Unity and Advent in a January 24, 1923, radio broadcast called “Christ Mind, the Second Coming of Christ.” He shared his thoughts on his understanding that “Christ is an idea in divine mind,” and highlighted the universality of the Christ, the divine essence that dwells in every human being.

Fillmore said people with preconceived, human notions of the “second coming” are bound to be disillusioned. “They are simply looking in the wrong place to discover the Advent,” he said.

Once you understand the spiritual character of Christ’s second coming, he said, then you find Christ within yourself.

In this four week series of Advent we will dig into the metaphysical meaning of the Christmas story and find within it our own story!

“…the mystery hidden for ages and generations is Christ, in you, the hope of glory”

Col. 1:26-27


The Trip To Bethlehem by Hypatia Hasbrouck