Unwrapping The Present Moment

Unwrapping The Present Moment

The present moment is the only thing that there is. It is a center-point between what we call the past and the future. Whatever is happening, is only happening in the present moment. The things that were experienced in the past can only exist right now in the mind. Whatever takes place in the future is created from the present moment. It is impossible for anything to exist outside of it.

“I am now in the Presence of pure Being and immersed in the Holy Spirit of life, love and wisdom.” 

Charles Fillmore

The love you feel is only felt in the now. When I was a child I was very peaceful because I lived fully and found joy in everything. As adults people begin to carry the baggage of regrets and fears that keep them stuck in the past.

In this lesson we will share some of the practical ways to make peace with the past and live in the present moment.