Community Outreach

Community Outreach

“When your blessing lovingly given to others returns to you, as it surely will, you will find that your world has changed. It will be peopled with friends. Everything without and within carries a blessing of love, unity, and wholeness to your body temple.”                                 

Charles Fillmore, You Can be Healed!

Operation Holiday Salute

We are collecting Christmas cards for the Operation Holiday Salute program.  This is a group in Spartanburg who delivers greeting cards to veterans in hospice or other type of elder home at Christmastime and throughout the year.  

If you’d like to participate:  

  • Bring Christmas greeting cards to the church.
  • On front of envelope, write “Dear Hero” or “Dear Veteran”
  • Inside card…Add a short message (ex:  we love you, you are a blessing, etc.) 
  • Sign the card with your first name  and Unity Church of Greenville, SC.  
  • Insert card in envelope, do not seal the cards because the Veteran Last Patrol will insert something into the card.

If interested or have questions, members can contact Terry at 410-573-9750 or

Cards must be received by Sunday, November 27 and  can be dropped off in a box at the Unity Church.  

Oh by the way, the veterans especially like homemade cards created by children!

Your support and generosity is always appreciated!