About Us

About Us

OUR MISSION: We are a haven of peace where everyone is loved and empowered through positive, practical spirituality in order to heal the belief in separation.

OUR VISION: Enhancing the world, one life at a time, by sharing the positive principles of practical spirituality to those we touch through a variety of services and events.

OUR VALUES: Unity undertakes every aspect of business fully embracing the values of love, trust, acceptance, integrity, respect for all and spiritual community.

We believe that we are all connected through the one Spirit, which is everywhere present…and that as we live, love, pray, and practice spiritual principles, we will discover and experience the Kingdom of God.

We want to:
Raise Consciousness, Build Community, Nurture the Soul, Provide Outreach to Our Community and Claim God’s Abundance for All!

We are here to support you in every way as you explore your spiritual path and learn to claim God’s abundance in every aspect of your life. Come learn more about how Unity of Greenville can assist in changing your life, changing the world, and help you experience the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth!  Unity is a spiritual community that offers a safe place for the development of your spiritual growth and well being.  We embrace the idea of friendship, support and acceptance for each other as we are.  We invite you to give us the opportunity to be your friend.  Take some time to get to know and break bread with us.  We are very glad you are here…

Immersed in divine peace, all is well with my soul.

An Affirmation For Inner Peace

unity world headquarters

Unity is a worldwide movement of prayer and education that helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. Unity has been teaching the lessons of Jesus for more than 100 years, and supports all people in their individual quests to know God and find healing in their lives. Our philosophy offers a practical approach to spirituality and teaches that, as children of God, we are heir to all that we need.

Unity of Greenville is a part of this movement as one of many spiritual communities throughout the world that make up Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Millions of people have been introduced to Unity through its publications, such as the Daily Word and Unity Magazine, published at Unity World Headquarters in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Millions of other people have come to know Unity and receive prayer and support through Silent Unity, which has maintained a round-the-clock vigil of prayer for over 100 years.

Unity poet James Dillet Freeman wrote the powerful Prayer of Protection which we affirm together at the end of every Sunday Gathering. This prayer was taken by the astronauts to the moon and was left there along with the American flag.

The light of God surrounds us,
The love of God enfolds us,
The power of God protects us,
The presence of God watches over us,
Wherever we are, God is
And all is well.