What To Expect

What To Expect

Unity of Greenville is an inclusive spiritual community that welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds. 

While we most closely follow the teachings of Jesus, we honor and draw from the teachings and paths of other spiritual masters.  We respect each person’s right to follow his or her own spiritual path.

Where is Unity of greenville located and what time is the Sunday service?

Sunday service and Youth Education are at 10:30am. 

We are located HERE

Details about our youth program can be found HERE

What should I wear? 

Our congregants dress in a wide variety of styles. Some come to church in shorts or jeans; others wear dresses or casual pants and shirts, or full Sunday regalia.  You choose for you.

What about parking?

Parking is available in our church parking lot and includes designated handicap parking spaces. You may also follow the parking signs to park in the field down by the pond.

What to expect on Sunday

You will be welcomed in our foyer by one of our Usher/Greeters.  They may offer you an event bulletin or other announcement page and, if you have any questions, will be happy to provide answers.  Service is typically one hour in length.  Unity offers inspiring worship services that provide practical teachings to help people live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives.  Our 10:30 am service offers a short period of meditation as well as uplifting music and singing.  Prayer Chaplains hold sacred space during the service and are available after the service to pray with you in confidence for any concern (or gratitude!) you have.

Join us following the service for light snacks or feel free to walk around our campus and enjoy nature. 

We are so happy to have you with us!