Staff & Leaders

Staff & Leaders


Our Spiritual Leaders

James and Leah King are ministers of inclusion, embracing positive and practical principles of spirituality.  They are interested in making a difference in the world by sharing uplifting teachings that embrace peaceful methods to assist people in reducing and healing their inner conflicts. James has said, “Now more than ever the world is in need of positive balance to offset fear and mis-understandings. If the world is a little brighter because of my having been here, then I will have…

Our Board

“It Is The  Spirit Within  That Does The Work.” We surrender all of our conscious and unconscious motivations, opinions and positions to God.  We surrender control of this church to God for we recognize that Unity of Greenville belongs to God and we are now channels for the Divine Presence to flow through and accomplish far more than could ever be achieved through our own understanding or individual ability….​So be it.
Office Manager

Office Staff

Kayla Larson is our Office Manager as well as Streaming Director. She is a talented gift to our community! Sunday’s activities keep her focused, so feel free to contact her via email, or reach out during the week when she can focus more directly on you!
Licensed Unity Teacher

Lisa Munoz, LUT

Landing in Greenville, SC after moving from Naples, FL; Lisa and her husband, Hector, joined Unity of Greenville in 2021.  Lisa began working towards her Licensed Unity Teacher credential at Unity of Naples, where she was a member for over 10 years.  A professional violinist and music educator in Florida for more than 30 years, Lisa now performs with the Greenville Symphony Orchestra.  She works at Furman University as the administrative assistant at the Cothran Center, supporting programming that explores…