"In all circumstances, I heal knowing I am whole."

Prosperity Affirmation

by Rev James

We have a growing spiritual community. At Unity we always have more than we need. Double and triple, that’s how we grow. We claim our prosperity. Our Loving Source abundantly provides the highest good in all of our lives. We claim divine love – and all good grace. We behold The Christ in every face. Time after time and day after day, we declare and decree our ever-expanding prosperity. Money for our mission, money for our vision comes to us easily, effortlessly, and continuously. We feel it in our heart, and see it in our minds, the manifestation arrives always on time.

We are grateful!

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Grieving is a process. It doesn’t look the same for everyone. There is no “right” way to do it or “wrong” way to do it. It is a personal journey and wherever you find yourself in the process, know that we are here for you. Access Grief Resources: Download the booklet “Grief Is A Spiritual Practice”:
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Accepting the reality of your present situation, then embracing spiritual practices and community support, is crucial on the journey to healing. Healing Affirmations I love my body and my body loves me. I feel the glow of God’s love in every cell of my body. I forgive myself for every time I chose to withhold love from myself. I am allowing myself to believe that I am enough. I am trusting my feelings. I share my emotions openly, releasing that…
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Overcoming Fear

Download the booklet “30 Days To Fearless Living”: Affirmations For Overcoming Fear I am brave enough to take chances. I can handle anything that comes my way. My setbacks make me stronger. I am strong and powerful. My struggles are opportunities to grow. I am capable of achieving my goals. My confidence continues to grow. My abilities are limitless. I believe in myself. I deserve to be happy. I release fear, tension, and stress. I am creating the life of…
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Inner Peace

Five Ways To Calm Yourself In A Chaotic World by Lila Herrmann, Director of Publishing for Unity World Headquarters The overwhelm started slowly. I would find myself disturbed by a news story or a social media thread here and there. Then an election news cycle took over my digital feed. Social justice issues bombarded my channels. A pandemic dragged on. I woke every day inundated with more news, more updates, more shocks. Anger and distress became my norm. It didn’t…