The most important consideration for Unity membership is a desire to know God and to understand and follow the spiritual principles. We believe there are many paths to the one God, so as a member of Unity Church of Greenville, you are wholly free to live your life according to the inspiration of the Spirit of Truth within you.

Membership affirms your commitment to your individual spiritual growth and to your spiritual community. We gain strength from our unity and the power of coming together into a collective Christ consciousness. As we come together, seeking the flow and wisdom of the universe we become more awakened and enlightened. Membership marks your dedication to sharing in the spirit of love, and serving as a channel through which God’s blessings can flow to you and through you to your loved ones, our community and the world.

Unity is not just a system of worship; it’s a way of life. As a member, we encourage you to love and accept all of God’s children unconditionally, practice spiritual principles on a daily basis, and seek a greater experience of the Divine in your life. In return, our commitment as a ministry is to help support, inspire and lift you into living a more fulfilling, Spirit-centered life, and to help your light shine brightly in this world.

Membership Orientation classes occur quarterly.
For more information, contact our office:


Membership is never a requirement for attending Unity of Greenville. However, if you would like to make a deeper commitment to your spiritual life and you consider UCG your spiritual home, become one of our members:

Start by taking our Orientation class to understand the foundational spiritual principles that are the building blocks for your spiritual journey.


Find out what Unity is all about!  Explore the history of Unity, and how the Unity spiritual movement began.  You’ll also learn the five foundational beliefs that are unique to Unity, and how using these five spiritual practices can transform your life, and open your heart and soul to a fuller, richer experience of God and life.


As a member you will be called upon to assist in making decisions about our church and its continued growth.  Each year we have our annual membership meeting where we vote for new members of our board of trustees and other important matters.  We also may call a special membership meeting from time to time to discuss any important decisions that arise and you would be notified in advance about the time and date of such a meeting.  We have regular financial update meetings to keep our congregation informed.  Your prayerful consideration is always appreciated and needed as we continue to grow and become more of the light we want to be in our part of the world.

As a member, our hope is that you feel a sense of “ownership” in our ministry, and will demonstrate your commitment through regular prayer and participation in the many services and activities that Unity offers. Prayer deepens our spiritual awareness and cultivates our relationship with God. We encourage you to adopt a daily prayer and meditation practice, and to participate in meditation services and classes that expand your consciousness of prayer. 


Our classes and workshops are designed to take you into a deeper experience of God, and to help you integrate spiritual principles and practices into your every day life. We have a wide array of classes on many subjects to educate, inspire and transform your life.  We encourage you to explore these opportunities to support your spiritual path and expand your understanding of God and your own divinity.


Small groups are a wonderful way to build deeper connections within our spiritual community. With a wide variety of activities and schedules, there’s sure to be a group that’s right for you! If not, start one yourself! Volunteering is also a great way to meet people and develop lasting friendships with other like minded people. Service is a power-filled spiritual practice that each of us is called to embody and express. Service enriches our lives, glorifies God, and raises the consciousness of all humanity. There are a multitude of ways to be involved in our ministry; we’ll work with you to find an area of ministry that fits your skills, interest, and schedule, especially, the gifts and talents that are uniquely yours.


As a member, we also ask you to prayerfully consider the spiritual value of sharing your Time, Talents and Treasure.  Giving and receiving is a way to be involved with the law of abundance. When you share freely of your gifts, you are actually opening up space to receive the infinite abundance and blessings of God in your life.  We set a love offering basket out for all of our classes and workshops so everyone has an opportunity to give.  UCG depends on the support and love gifts from our membership and friends of Unity.

Of course, your commitment to spiritual and material support of Unity of Greenville ​should always be in accordance to your own consciousness and abilities.