Signs That The Universe Wants Your Attention

Signs That The Universe Wants Your Attention

I want to share with you some of the signs that say the universe may be trying to get your attention. If we pay attention to what is, we can use whatever happens, as a stepping-stone to a more peaceful and prosperous life.

Sudden Unexpected Change: Have you ever been going about your life and then all of a sudden something changes? How you deal with the change will determine
the outcome. By remaining calm and allowing for the change you will be able to adapt to it more readily.

Many times sudden change happens in our lives to bring us into a greater awareness of a clearer message. Even though the change may not look positive it can be used to move us in a new and positive direction. Have you been praying for something different?

Don’t resist the change, go with it and see where it leads.

Roadblocks: What does it mean when you bump up against a closed door? It’s time to go through another door of course! Often times you are being re-routed for a better, higher good coming your way. The Higher Mind knows the quickest and best path to get you where you need to be! Recalculating…

My Patience Feels Like Its Being Tested: Stand still and learn to be present with the situation of the moment. Wait upon Spirit to renew your energy and be open to new ideas, allow them to guide you to the next step and then the next. Affirm your breakthrough!

Why Does My Life Feel So Hard Right Now?: Could it be you have expectations that are not truly relevant to your life path? Sometimes we try to take on somebody else’s experience as our own. Remember, you have a unique calling and your experience is supposed to be different. Allow the feeling of hardness to soften and surrender it to a greater sense of loving awareness in your life! Can
you say self-care?

Unworthiness: Unworthiness is one of the greatest hindrances to experiencing your good. If you don’t feel worthy you will lack the confidence to act upon the opportunities that come your way. The God power is in you and you can trust it to guide you forward. Self worth is a feeling that you can develop through doing the work of consistent self-love.

Toughen up and build some resilience, keep the faith, and focus on the right now! The journey is worth it and YOU are worth it!