The Cosmic Joke

The Cosmic Joke

Have you heard about the cosmic joke?

Nothing lasts for very long and everything is temporary. What is up one day is down the next. What is all the rage today will be sold in the garage sale of tomorrow.

The supermodel that graces the front pages of Vanity Fair will eventually get hungry and begin eating again.   After that she will get a facelift to try and recapture the beauty of her youth and then appear on a rerun of, “Where are they now?”

Nothing in this life stays the same and will stay in flux.

Some people spend their whole life scraping and clawing their way to the top of the heap, and then they retire and question what it was all for.

This is the cosmic joke that the ego plays upon itself over and over while never really understanding the true purpose of why we are here.

Life on earth is short and moves along very quickly.  When you know the truth of this you can settle in and just enjoy each moment for whatever it brings.

Life is first and foremost about relationships.  How do you relate to people?  How do you relate to yourself?  How do you relate to divinity?  How do you relate to the earth?  By answering these questions you can find the love and support that gives your life meaning.

Maybe life is about the love that you gave and the love that you received.

Life is not a competition but a simple walk in the garden of earth to taste of its fruit and enjoy the variety of experiences it offers. This is the ride of your life and there is so much to see, feel and hear.

Take time to laugh and have some fun along the way.   To get the joke means that you understand that the drama is only temporary.   “This to shall pass.”

Life is not a joke!  Or is it?  You get to decide what it means to you! 

Happy people make the planet more enjoyable and peaceful too. Now that you understand a little more about the cosmic joke, share a smile with somebody, and enjoy the ride. . :> ) 

In joy, 



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