The FocusTo help children understand that they, too, have spiritual potential to act in ways that bring out their best selves and to explore how they can let God live through them as an expression of life, love, and kindness

8-Week Summer Fun Series—“Anything Goes”

Parents, grandparents, and youth directors, join Kelly Isola for Anything Goes! 8-Week Summer Fun Series for Kids

– it’s totally FREE!

It’s easy to engage your kids in this creative spiritual experience! All materials are provided. Use everything provided or just parts of it! Modules include a video, handouts, and other resources for scavenger hunts, storytelling, visual tours around the world, games, and arts & crafts projects. Interfaith topics include culture, mother earth, diversity and inclusion, meditation and prayer practices, engaging challenges, and more. All presented age appropriately for your youngsters! Have a great summer!!

Follow the steps below to ensure student ​success with our Uni-Stars (and all youth programs) 


Please stop by the Uni-Stars classroom and say, “Hello!”

  1. Fill out an emergency form. **Dietary allergies?
  2. Sign in your child(ren), on the clipboard at the classroom door, but all go to sanctuary for service.
  3. Your child will receive a blessing in the service, and will be dismissed to class early in the service.
  4. After the service, please sign out your child at the classroom.


1. Please follow the same protocol
as our “new friends,” and
remember to update
​emergency forms once a year.
*Your teacher will remind you!


1. Please sign up to volunteer in the Youth Program. Sign-up sheets are in the office.

2. Connect with the Youth Program Director (found in the Uni-Stars classroom). Introduce yourself!

​3. Check website and email for scheduling updates and lesson plans.

4. Show up on your scheduled volunteer date, and have fun!