The Focus – To know they are inherently good and that they have choices as to how they can show up in this world

who are the uniteens?

A Uniteen is an adolescent (teen or preteen), seeking truth and developing self identity, amidst rapid physical and emotional changes. Uniteens are in grades 6, 7, 8 (or equivalent), who come together to learn Unity Principles and how to apply them. They share fellow-ship in a safe, spiritually-based environment, and are supported in their spiritual growth & development.

when do uniteens meet?

Uniteens meet during the Sunday Celebration Service. Our youth are dismissed to their classes after our opening song. They will be accompanied by a group mentor, who will guide the students through meaningful discussion, prayer, meditation, and activities. Periodically, Uniteens will have the opportunity to participate in regional retreats.