The FocusTo be receptive to the idea that God is a mental attitude that works in and through them so they can understand they are the creator of their own world through the thoughts they give power to and what they choose to see and believe. 

What is Y.O.U.?

Y.O.U. is an acronym for Youth OUnity. 

Y.O.U. includes students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. This program operates differently than our programs for younger children.  Y.O.U. sponsors facilitate spiritual self-discovery as students set and explore a set of values for themselves. The students work interdependently to communicate with one another, set and achieve group and individual goals, support and appreciate each other, and, ultimately, become closer to the Christ.

When Does Y.O.U. Meet?

Y.O.U. currently meets during the Sunday Celebration Service for about half an hour. Students will be accompanied by a group sponsor, who will facilitate interdependence among the students, and provide support as needed. Periodically, Y.O.U. students will have the opportunity to participate in regional retreats.